Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 24: Where I live

....because I live in a "smaller" area... I don't really want to disclose where I live.. but... I will tell you a little bit about it..

I am close to Minnapolis, MN
I graduated with 40 kids
It gets REALLY cold here in the winter
It gets REALLY hot here in the summer
I don't have a Sephora, MAC, Ulta, Marshalls, or Nordstroms close by me .... :(
I LOVE the "small town" atmosphere...
I LOVE being close to a BIG city ;)

... any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Hi, I wrote you a message the other day, I"m not too familiar with this website, I don't know if I have to have this type of a site, to follow you. But I'm wanting to enter your giveaway. my youtube user name is krista78kat

Marissa said...

i live in Southern Mn and i feel your pain not having all those stores close to me either.... I have to drive about 90 miles to get to any of those stores..... do you like the mac at the mall of america? I go there once in a while. :)

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