Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Journey .... Same Old Story

Hello lovelies... yes, I've been slacking, what's new, right? Well, I have some excuses...

-Went to Atlanta for It Works convention
-Yara is here from Mexico
-I've been bored with YouTube

Those are really the big 3 reasons, I'm just being honest!

So, amongst everything, and doing It Works... I've decided to try a new lifestyle change of eating, and I thought I'd share it with you.

I am definitely going to be juicing, and doing shakes and all that, and I am really excited, but I am SO nervous!

I've had people ask me about the HCG diet and what happened... well, it was way too hard. I lost the weight, and I just never got motivated to get back on it again.

Are you doing anything to lose weight? If so, what? And is it working?


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Collection for SUMMER!

Did you see my latest video talking about the latest Zoya collections? If so, you will have seen my thoughts on the Pixie collection. I LOVE them! But, guess what folks...... they have a SUMMER collection coming! 

Here is the info:
Because everyone wants more of it… the color experts at Zoya went back to the lab and created six more beautiful,
 long-wearing textured, matte and sparkling Zoya PixieDust Colors! This incredible and best-selling formula is sure to captivate with a magical sparkle and sugary finish like no other.
Solange - Gold metal sparkle
Beatrix - Tangerine metal sparkle
Destiny - Core metal sparkle
Miranda - Rose sparkle
Stevie - Violet sparkle
Liberty - Blue sparkle
Are you going to get any?? LET ME KNOW!

Availability: April 1st, 2013 at Zoya

Monday, March 4, 2013

It Works? Really?

It's been a while, eh?

So, as you may or may not know, I am now a distributor for It Works! I am going to be doing videos on my vlog channel, but I just wanted to share with you some before and after pictures. Yes, these are real, and yes I've talked to most of these people. If I haven't then my sponsor has.

My site is if you have any questions you can contact me there or here!



Thursday, January 17, 2013

HCG/Liquid Amino Diet: Days 7 & 8

Good Morning everyone!!!

So, let's start with Tuesday.. I do not remember what I ate, but apparently it wasn't very good because I woke up yesterday +.4, which was a BIG bummer. So here is what I ate on day 8:

Breakfast: Orange
Morning Snack: Celery + Peanut Butter
Lunch: 145 grams chicken breast + ketchup & Low Fat String Cheese
No snack or supper because I wasn't really hungry. I did have a big cup of hot cocoa though when I got done with volleyball, haha! So here is what we have:

Day 7: +.4
Day 8: -2.8 (WOO HOO)

So, all in all, this is a slower process than it was last time, but, I'm more comfortable this time.

Yesterday I was kind if in a downer mood, if you follow me on twitter, you know why. Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom announced that she is pregnant again, and it just makes me SO upset. I haven't officially been trying for 5 years, but have not been protecting, and am not pregnant. I have VERY irregular periods as well. I made a doctors appt to get my ovaries checked, but all my other levels are normal, and so it my thyroid. My older sister has PCOS, but no one else in our family history has it. My little sister, however, has one baby and another on the way. So, I am hoping I don't have it because I want to be a mama in the worst way. And let me just tell you, the support that was shown by my followers was AMAZING.

In other news, I am OFFICIALY an It Works! distributor! YES!!!! Here is the link to my website Link! If you are interested in the products or have any information, please use the "Contact Me" form and I will get back to you! I LOVE their products so much, and they are very much helping me in my weightloss journey!

So, here's hoping to a successful weigh in tomorrow, and happy Thursday to everyone!!!

Lot's of Love...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HCG/Liquid Amino Diet: Days3-6

Happy Tuesday everyone! Sorry I haven't posted since Friday, but, I have been busy. So here we go:

(I don't remember what I ate most of it, except yesterday)

Day 3: -1.2
Day 4: +1
Day 5: -1
Day 6: -.4

So as you can see it was a bit wonky. But, I'm back on track and when I woke up and got on the scale this AM, it was good... but i'll report that out tomorrow.

Yesterday I ate:

Breakfast: 1 Orange + 1/2 cup black coffee
Morning Snack: 1 Apple + Peanut Butter
Lunch: Left over hotdish from the nigh before (green pepper + ground turkey)
Afternoon Snack: 1 String Cheese & A few Special K chips (super low calories and good!)
Supper: Pork Loin (baked), baby potatoes (baked), and asparagus (steamed) with only about a tablespoon of ketchup to dip my potatoes in
Water: 106 oz
Oh, and I had about 2 cups of hot cocoa .. mmmmm. I know I shouldn't have but it's so cold here!

So, it's getting MUCH easier, especially since Andy is also eating healthy!

Until next time...

Friday, January 11, 2013

HCG/Liquid Amino Diet: Day 2

Yesterday, I resisted SO many temptations. So yay for that!

What I ate
Breakfast: 1 apple
Lunch: 150 grams of chicken breast & 5 baby carrots
Snack: String Cheese & a 100 calorie cereal bar
Supper: A low fat dish I created that includes ground turkey, bell peppers, onion, mushrooms and seasoning
Water: 80 oz 

Weight Loss/Gain: -1

It's so hard to be at home and not want to munch, but I made it through. I just try to distract myself by cleaning or reading, etc.

It was a much better day!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

HCG/Liquid Amino Diet: Day 1

Not going to lie, it was a tough one! I knew getting back into this wasn't going to be easy, but jeesh. It was rough.

What I ate:
Breakfast: 2 apples
Lunch: 150 grams of chicken breast & 1 apple
Snack: Apple & String Cheese
Supper: Southwest Chicken Salad from Applebees with no dressing on it, but ranch on the side
Water: 108 oz  (I don't need this much, but it's easier because I put it in my big jug)

Weight Loss/Gain: -1.2

So yeah, I cheated a little last night but that is because we had volleyball last night and we were waiting and my friend asked us to go eat. BUT, let me tell you how good I was... she got chips and spinach dip PLUS she offered me her friends and part of her burger, and I did not have ANY. I was SO proud of myself. Plus the chicken salad really isn't that bad! Besides, I had a bit of a workout at volleyball and because of that, I should be taking in more calories.

So all in all it was a tough day, and I did go to bed hungry, but it wasn't awful. I felt tired, but I hardly got any sleep the night before.

So, here we are attacking day two.... let's hope for a good day!


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Weight Loss... again? AND "It Works"

Yep.. again.

So, I was looking back at my blog and reading about my weight loss stuff and how encouraged I was and how it makes me feel reading this now....

So let me tell you what happened after my 13th day of my HCG diet.

In a total, I lost about 30 pounds in a month. I know, right? AWESOME! After the first month, I was still losing but at a much slower pace... which I was ok with because I was still losing. Then, the end of June came around and my friend and I decided we were going to take a break and enjoy our 4th of July and then start up again after our long break... well, that never happened.

So, here we are... almost a year later, and I did gain some of it back. But, I want to say it was NOT because the diet failed me, it was because I failed myself and let food get in the way. I did NOT watch what I ate, and ate whatever I wanted without thinking about how it was going to affect me. Oddly enough, doing that diet somehow made it easier for my body to not gain weight quickly.

So, here I am on January 9th, starting the HCG/Liquid Amino Diet, again. Yep, here we go. My goal is to get down to my goal weight, or close to it by May.. and I am NOT giving up this time. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help encourage me to not give up, and please be here for me and support me. Even if there is only one person out there who might read this.. just a quick comment on here or on my twitter is encouraging beyond you can imagine.

As I did last time, I am going to check in everyday, and write how much I've lost and what I ate. I think reading back it is helpful to know.

It felt SO good to hear people say "wow you look amazing" and "what are you doing?" from people I would have never guessed I would have heard it from.

Another thing that I am doing differently this time, is that I am going to be selling It Works and doing wraps and taking their vitamins and supplements that help with hunger and tightening the skin. If you are interested in hearing more about that, stay tuned to my youtube channels because I will be talking about it there.

So thank you to ANYONE who is reading this and following along with me. I am NOT going to fail. I just won't let it happen.

Until then, my friends...


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