Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4: Favorite book

So, in all honesty I don't really read books all that much. I read the twilight series and the harry potter series and I LOOOOOOVED those! Besides those, i am a HUGE cookbook nerd. I LOVE cookbooks. I could sit and look through cookbooks for HOURS AND HOURS! No joke!

Now, when it comes to cookbooks I want real, down to earth cookbooks. Not where I need to go out and spend $26.99 on one ingredient. ya know what I mean? Lets be realistic!!! I love some Rachael Ray cook books and just some of those "church" cookbooks where all the church ladies come together and put their recipes in one book, they are great!

I LOVE magazines!!! Down below I will post some pictures of my favorite magaizines, cookbooks, and what not!


Thanks for reading everyone!!!

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