Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 25: Your day, in great detail

alarm goes off at 6:45
hit the snooze button....3 times
roll out of bed
go to the bathroom
turn shower on for hubby
brush teeth
look at myself and think "what can I do with THIS today" hehe
look at my phone
pick out what i am going to wear
use my proactive toner
use my proactive repair stuff
put some concealer on
listen to the news
put mascara on
put my hair in a pony tail
grab a headband... put it on
get dressed in my jeans, tee from Target, and a brown long sweater
hubby gets out of shower, gets dressed, and goes to start the car
let dogs outside to go potty
put socks on
let dogs in
put jacket on
grab purse, cell phone, and work laptop
find post office box keys
go to car
drive to post office
get mail
open mail
drive 20 miles to work
get a starbucks carmel frap
get to work
go to eye doc appt
come back to work
go pick up hubby from work
change into volleyball clothes
play 2 sets of volleyball
drive home
let dogs out
eat something
let dogs in
watch whatever is on the DVR
maybe upload a video/record video
crawl in bed
kiss hubby 3 times and say I love you
..dream a crazy dream :)

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