Monday, April 30, 2012

HCG Diet: Day 4-6

Ok, can I just say that... OMG, the weekends are the HARDEST for me?! Holy hell. So, I don't really remember what I ate on Thursday and Friday, but let me tell my struggles in the last 4 days!

-Went to a bar with some friends, couldn't have a beer after volleyball and or any of the delicious pizza they have there. It was SO hard to sit there and drink water with no food. But I did it! I got through it!!
-I went home (where my family lives and I grew up) and that was awfully hard too. I went to my mom's and she just baked homemade cookies. I caved and had just ONE! I know, I'm terrible.
-My sister and brother in law and my husband all made fajita's.. one of my ALL TIME favorite meals, and I couldn't eat them :(:(:( However, I did have a few slices of the steak and peppers.

Those were my biggest struggles.

So, here are my weights:

4/26 = -3
4/27 = -1.4
4/28 = -.8
4/29 = +1.6 (OUCH)
4/30 = -1

BUT, overall, today is my 6th day of the diet, and so far I have lost 7.2 pounds and I think that's pretty good!!! I have made it through the first week and so I am SO happy because I feel so accomplished!!

For supper last night I had a REALLY good healthy supper, and here is what it was:

1 lb chicken breast = 4 servings

Pound out the chicken until is about 1/4" thick, and then put 2 tomato slices, a few slices of red onion and about 8 spinach leaves in the center and then fold it together and place in a baking pan. Top it with water and tomato sauce with your own seasonings and bake for about 40 minutes. DELICIOUS and super healthy too!

How was everyone else weekend?


Thursday, April 26, 2012

HCG Diet: Day 3

let's do this.

yesterday's food:
breakfast: 1 orange
lunch: 1 cup spinach, 145 grams chicken, 3 cherry tomatoes
supper: 2 apples
water: 104 oz + extra that I had at home
coffee: 1.5 cup of black coffee

I did not have much of an apetite yesterday, so that's why I didn't eat much.

pounds lost yesterday: 3
pounds gained: 0
pounds lost to date: 5.6

yesterday was a rough day, not food wise, but just life. if you guys follow me on instagram, you know that my bestie and i pretty much went our own ways, and so it's been rough. thank goodness this diet is working, otherwise i'd be going nuts.

so how did i feel? really good actually. i had volleyball last night, and by the end of the matches, i could tell i didn't have much energy left. i'm tired today, but that is because i didn't sleep a whole lot last night. i just had so much on my mind, ya know?

anyway, i'm really excited that i lost 3 lbs last night. i'm hungry today, and i just had my orange for breakfast and omg it was SO good!

have a good thursday ya'll, it's my friday.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

HCG Diet: Day 2

i feel as though yesterday was a pretty successful day. here is what I ate:

breakfast: 1 apple
lunch: 3 cups raw spinach, 145 grams chicken, and 1 medium cucumber seasoned with salt and pepper
supper: 145 grams white fish and 5 or 6 sprigs of asparagus
water: 104 oz

pretty good for my first day, i'd say.

pounds lost: 2.6
pounds gained: 0

i walked on the scale this morning and when i had seen that i lost that much i was really really happy. so how did i feel yesterday? i was pretty hungry all day, not going to lie. i also went to the bathroom probably 12 times in an 8 hour span. because i drank so much water my body was flushing it all out, which is really good. today, i'm feeling pretty good! i woke up not hungry, and i've had about 1.5 cups of black coffee and an orange. so far so good, however i think that i am really going to have to get creative with my food options so i don't get too bored, ya know?

activities planned for the day: i have 2 matches of volleyball tonight, which will be 6 games

i hope you are all feeling motivated today, and here is to a happy hump day!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

HCG Diet: Day 1

i woke up, got ready, weighed myself.. died a little, and then began my day.

i have not told anyone what i weigh, not anyone.. up until about 10 minutes ago, and wow was a relief. i feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulder. well, the person i told, has became such a good friend to me. her and i are on this weight loss journey together and she is going to be starting her HCG diet in the beginning of May! i'm so excited for this because it's so much easier to go through things with someone else. oh and guess what? she's around the same weight as me so it's really nice.

recently, i lost my best friend. not to death, but just, separate ways. it's been tearing me down and i'm really hoping all this weight loss will be the start to a new journey.

anyway, today i've had my drops, and an apple. i savored that apple like none other, haha! now i'm onto my water, in which i need to drink A LOT of! i will insert some pictures below.

oh and if you are wondering how much i weigh, i will probably post it once i've lost some weight, but until then, i will just tell how much i AM losing (notice the optomstic approach?)

all your support will be greatly appreciated, as this is not going to be an easy journey. so, i will focus on youtube and my awesome friends in the virtual world, along with my close friends in real life. if you want to be positive, you must surround yourself in positivity.

my dellliccccccious breakfast
 this bad boy is 52 oz, and i need to drink 2 of these a day..... yep, the restroom will be my new bff!

so much love to you all!

Monday, April 23, 2012

here we go...

so i started the "gorging" days and today is my last day. can i just say how much i love these days hahahaha! you eat everything and anything, and it's just lovely, hahaha! tomorrow is D day and i start the diet, diet. i am SO beyond excited and scared but i know in the end it will be SO worth it and i will be so much more happy with my body.

so for tomorrow, be on the lookout for day 1!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

my new journey: HCG diet

i did it. i did it. i did it.

i made a decision to start the HCG diet. i contacted SO many websites/people/companies asking them questions and just making sure if it was right for me. i made a connection with a wonderful woman and i absolutely LOVE her website.

i told her about how I make videos and what not, so she said she would a month to me to try out and if I like them I can recomemnd her website to people who want to try it out. Her website has been SO helpful to me and my decision to start this. i am going to need some major motivation because i know this isn't going to be easy, but SO worth it in the end. i will try to do a weekly video/blog about my weightloss. i'm so motivated because i want to lose weight before LA IMATS, mostly because it's Cali and I want to be able to feel comfortable in shorts and what not. anyway, have any have you tried this diet?

much love to you all.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weight Loss (HCG, Herbalife, etc)

Nervous, scared, excited, pissed, tired, anxious, etc are a few of the words going through my mind right now. Oh and did I mention scared... oh yep, I did.

So, I have decided (as this is nothing new) that I REALLY need to finally start doing something about weight loss. I did start the HerbaLife diet, which is going well, but I really need a kick start. I want dramatic results. Now, granted, I'm not like.. really big, but, I am not at all the weight I want to be. Right now, I want to lose about 60-70 lbs. This is a LOT.. I know, but.. it's my dream. I've never been down to the weight I want to be, but, we will see how it goes. Maybe I should say what size I want to be, because you can still be at a higher weight and fit into a size 6 jean. Ya know?

This is my first blog so it is a bit chaotic. I have been hearing tons and tons about this "HCG" diet and I am SO intrigued. I REALLY want to do it along with the herbalife diet, and see my results. My dream goal is to be down to a very good weight by IMATS LA (June 23rd)... now.. this is only 67 days away, but I think I can do it. I need to find where I can order the drops.. I would not to injections.. but I've watched SOOOO many videos on this.. Dr. Oz, Rachael Ray, etc.

Will I do this forever? Nope... Only until I am at my desired weight. Then, its all about maintaining and eating more healthily.

Are you on a weight loss journey? What are your thoughts?
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