Monday, April 30, 2012

HCG Diet: Day 4-6

Ok, can I just say that... OMG, the weekends are the HARDEST for me?! Holy hell. So, I don't really remember what I ate on Thursday and Friday, but let me tell my struggles in the last 4 days!

-Went to a bar with some friends, couldn't have a beer after volleyball and or any of the delicious pizza they have there. It was SO hard to sit there and drink water with no food. But I did it! I got through it!!
-I went home (where my family lives and I grew up) and that was awfully hard too. I went to my mom's and she just baked homemade cookies. I caved and had just ONE! I know, I'm terrible.
-My sister and brother in law and my husband all made fajita's.. one of my ALL TIME favorite meals, and I couldn't eat them :(:(:( However, I did have a few slices of the steak and peppers.

Those were my biggest struggles.

So, here are my weights:

4/26 = -3
4/27 = -1.4
4/28 = -.8
4/29 = +1.6 (OUCH)
4/30 = -1

BUT, overall, today is my 6th day of the diet, and so far I have lost 7.2 pounds and I think that's pretty good!!! I have made it through the first week and so I am SO happy because I feel so accomplished!!

For supper last night I had a REALLY good healthy supper, and here is what it was:

1 lb chicken breast = 4 servings

Pound out the chicken until is about 1/4" thick, and then put 2 tomato slices, a few slices of red onion and about 8 spinach leaves in the center and then fold it together and place in a baking pan. Top it with water and tomato sauce with your own seasonings and bake for about 40 minutes. DELICIOUS and super healthy too!

How was everyone else weekend?



Caby said...

Im on HCG too, on my last few days of the LCD. I've lost like 12lbs with occasional cheating when it really can't be avoided. :) Good luck looking good for you :)

shannnybannny said...

@Caby Thank you so much! Good job to you too! Is LCD the loading days?

Caby said...

LCD are the Low calorie diet days or the 500 cal days. :)

Jones Morris said...

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