Tuesday, April 24, 2012

HCG Diet: Day 1

i woke up, got ready, weighed myself.. died a little, and then began my day.

i have not told anyone what i weigh, not anyone.. up until about 10 minutes ago, and wow was a relief. i feel like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulder. well, the person i told, has became such a good friend to me. her and i are on this weight loss journey together and she is going to be starting her HCG diet in the beginning of May! i'm so excited for this because it's so much easier to go through things with someone else. oh and guess what? she's around the same weight as me so it's really nice.

recently, i lost my best friend. not to death, but just, separate ways. it's been tearing me down and i'm really hoping all this weight loss will be the start to a new journey.

anyway, today i've had my drops, and an apple. i savored that apple like none other, haha! now i'm onto my water, in which i need to drink A LOT of! i will insert some pictures below.

oh and if you are wondering how much i weigh, i will probably post it once i've lost some weight, but until then, i will just tell how much i AM losing (notice the optomstic approach?)

all your support will be greatly appreciated, as this is not going to be an easy journey. so, i will focus on youtube and my awesome friends in the virtual world, along with my close friends in real life. if you want to be positive, you must surround yourself in positivity.

my dellliccccccious breakfast
 this bad boy is 52 oz, and i need to drink 2 of these a day..... yep, the restroom will be my new bff!

so much love to you all!

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Rita said...

Best of luck Shannon!! xo, Rita

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