Thursday, April 26, 2012

HCG Diet: Day 3

let's do this.

yesterday's food:
breakfast: 1 orange
lunch: 1 cup spinach, 145 grams chicken, 3 cherry tomatoes
supper: 2 apples
water: 104 oz + extra that I had at home
coffee: 1.5 cup of black coffee

I did not have much of an apetite yesterday, so that's why I didn't eat much.

pounds lost yesterday: 3
pounds gained: 0
pounds lost to date: 5.6

yesterday was a rough day, not food wise, but just life. if you guys follow me on instagram, you know that my bestie and i pretty much went our own ways, and so it's been rough. thank goodness this diet is working, otherwise i'd be going nuts.

so how did i feel? really good actually. i had volleyball last night, and by the end of the matches, i could tell i didn't have much energy left. i'm tired today, but that is because i didn't sleep a whole lot last night. i just had so much on my mind, ya know?

anyway, i'm really excited that i lost 3 lbs last night. i'm hungry today, and i just had my orange for breakfast and omg it was SO good!

have a good thursday ya'll, it's my friday.


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