Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ins & Outs - 12/7/2010

I haven't done one of these in a long time so I figured now would be a good time!

-leggings: OMG, I've been wearing these NON stop! I mostly just wear black and grey, but i'm thinking of investing in some navy blue ones...i've been wearing them with my sketchers boots (just like the tall UGG boot) I normally pair it with a long sweater or something because i'm that girl who does NOT like when people don't cover their butts... argh.

-brown eyeliner: this can be from any company... i use milani or urban decay.. love both. It's just so nice to have a more toned down liner look

-mbeautylounge.com: i've been ordering this like crazy... i know, bad of me... but what can I say? I'm so addicted to nail polish. i got a nail polish rack but I definitely need another one! i'm thinking of doing a overview of my nail polish collection. thoughts?

-combing my hair in shower: i know this is like a "duh Shannon" point... but literally I think it's been saving my hair. I get in the shower, and I put this in my hair for 3-5 minutes and while its in a comb through it with a wide tooth comb... I really feel like it's made a difference in my hair. 

-Christmas: I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOVE this time of the year! I love Christmas baking, decorating, music, lights... all that! It puts me in such a cheerful mood. I am going to start filming some Christmas tutorials!

-ads on twitter: this is one of the MOST annoying things on twitter. you will see like one guru do it and then 10 more and i just want to block them because of it. the most annoying one would have to be hautelook... seriously?? 

-cold weather: i know it just started but i want autumn back! is it just me or did this fall seem SUPER fast and short?

-yellow teeth: i dont have like nasty yellow teeth but they definitely arent as white as i want them so i've just started trying to whiten them, and i will let you know how that goes!

I think this is all for now! What are your ins and outs??


Stephanie "DSK" Nguyen said...

What camera do you shoot with? :)

shannnybannny said...

Hey! Right now I am just shooting with an Canon XSi but I am going to be getting the Canon EOS 5D Mark II.. I think ;) I can't decide!! What are you shooting with right now?

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