Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Project: White Teeth

Aaahhh... the many ways you can empty your wallet just from trying to get your teeth to be pearly white. Well, I am going to try to not empty my wallet and STILL come out with bright white teeth! *gasssp!!!* 

When I first found Kandee Johnson I noticed how freakishly nice and white her teeth were. I then assumed that 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 people asked her the same question, so I just looked for a video regarding the topic... and guess what? Lo and behold she didn't spend $80 or $50 or $30 or $20 (sound oddly like an infomercial?)... but LESS than $10 on her whitening system! I knowwww! *gasssp!!!* - hehehe.

She mentioned in her video that she uses the "Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel", and I immediately RAN to K-Mart to purchase this!

So, I then only used it a couple times, and I was having issues with my teeth, so I stopped using it. My teeth issues were not related to this product.

So - here I am with this new goal, and a fixed tooth. When I am done, I will then show before and after pictures!!!

Let the teeth whitening extravaganza commence! 


Sal Casley said...

Good luck, Shanny! Many people have been following Kandee Johnson's advice and achieved good results. Kandee already has almost 700,000 subscribers and counting... Wew~ That's many! Are you one of 'em? Hehe... It's really cool to see some testimonials from people, right? That way, one can really tell that a product is working!

Calandra Janocha said...

Yeah, Kandee is an icon because of her white smile. That is what white teeth give to a person. You have to appreciate and envy her smile. How are your teeth now? Have they become as white as Kandee's?

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