Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Haul: Sally Beauty & Big Lots!

I originally went in to Sally's to get wax for my eyebrows, but I completely walked right past it and didn't look back... Here is what I did get tho :)

From Sally Beauty Supply 

Tweezerman Tweezers: $13.49
Cuticle Pusher: $.69

Nail Wheel: $5.99

I lost my tweezer's sometime so I need to go in and get a new one. While I was walking to the tweezers, the nail polish wheel was screaming my name and so I also got that. I then remembered I needed a cuticle pusher, so that's how that ended up in my small little goody bag.

So once I walked out of Sally's, I decided I should make a quick stop into Big Lots. I don't often get things there but sometimes they have things that are long discontinued or HTF LE items. So, while I was browsing the beauty isle I came across the L'Oreal color in "In The Buff". Now, I remember hearing the rave about this but it was around $9-$10 and I didn't want to spend the money on a color I was just "eh" about. However, at Big Lots, it was $2! So I decided at that moment that the color was more of a "eh" (bad right? i know!) and I grabbed two of them, just in case ;) I don't have a picture of it swatched but it isn't as dark as I thought it was. It's very pretty. I will do a post on it later!

So there she be. My teeny, tiny, little haul. Have you picked up anything recently?

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