Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little about me...

So I thought it would be fun to post a blog that is a little about me! It is going to be picture heavy! :)

So i'm going to give you 10 random facts about me weekly. (hopefully) :):)

1. i'm only 5' 1". I'm so short, but I love it!
2. i married my highschool sweetheart
3. i am 2
4. i could listen to Christmas music all year round

5. i fell in love with a rhinoceros in Mexico. i name
d him Cletus. we've seen each other twice in our lifetime. both times that i've seen him, he only comes to me to let me pet his face.
6. i love
riding motorcycle with my husband. i want one next summer.
7. i love haunted houses, and ghost hunting

8. i love my niece sooooooo much. now my other sister is pregnant and she is due in July, I can't wait to be an aunt again
9. i love l
ove love love tomato juice
10. Paris is my fa
vorite city that I have visited, i can't wait to go back
my husband and I in our motorcycle gear :)our fellow riders that we went on this run with
my really great friends from Mexico. I love beautiful niece Reagan the day after she was born. she is so gorgeous.
this is a tattoo i got while in mexico, it means best friend. this is my 2nd tattooi married my best friend. i love him with all my gorgeous two sisters. that is when i had darker and shorter hair. they are my best friends!i love being goofy in pictures :D:Dthat is a mountain lion licking my hand, then a zebra, and then a giraffe. i love love love love all types of animals. they fascinate me.taking pictures of wildlife is one of my favorite. eagles are my absolute favorite birds, and then its canadian geese :) (yes, i took this photo)
this is me and Cletus. i told you he lets me pet him!i have 3 pets. jasper - all black cat; roscoe - lemon beagle; zoey - black lab. you will see them a lot in my youtube videos. they are stars :)

I hope you found this enjoyable! Now you know a little more about me!! :):)

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