Monday, December 28, 2009

Ins & Outs #1

So this is my first time ever doing and "ins and outs" blog! So, i'm excited!


1. Glitter makeup! Oh my gosh, I never get to wear glitter on my eyes without feeling silly, except for during Christmas and New Years! So, I fully take advantage of the fact! I lovveee wearing glitter on my eyes, and just having fun with it, i'm thinking of doing it more often.. like every 3 or 4 months instead of 3 times a year :P

2. Christmas and New Years. I love Holidays, especially Christmas. I am so sad that its over :(

3. "Sinful Colors Professional" nail polishes that are at Walgreens. I frigg'n love these nail polishes! They are $1.99 and they work so well. I adore them.

4. Blizzards. I love blizzards, especially when they keep me from being able to drive to work! Hahahahaha!

5. Short nails. I'm loving my natural short nails. Although I do miss my acrylics. Oh well.


1. Not enough sleep. This definitely has to change, i'm getting more and more exhausted.

2. Heavy foundation. I love my MAC and Michael Korres foundations, but lately, i've just wanted something REALLY light.

3. Gurus who go on youtube and just "sell" things. At first I loved these gurus, but now they just sound like an advertisement, and you can tell they are just doing the video to get paid. It annoys me beyond all belief!

4. Dry skin. Ugh, this is driving me NUTS. Especially my legs, because I have normally dry skin on my legs, and during the winter it is even worse. :(

What are your ins and outs?



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andy101 said...

hi its emochikados enter me

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