Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In's & Out's - 10/3/2012

Well, dang on it, I am wipen the cob webs off.... 

It's been a while since I've done an in's and out's, so I thought it would be appropriate to throw one in...

Simple Makeup (not to be confused with the brand) - Lately all I have been doing is putting concealer, powder, bronzer, highlight and a thick cat eye w/ some mascara and a lipstick on and it's my fav
Fall Weather - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am sooooooo happy! I love the fall. #1 it is the best time for fashion and #2 i love having the windows open in the house
Law & Order: SVU - So happy this is back on the air. Like, seriously... I am REALLY sad that Stabler isn't on, but I heard that it is a possibility he might be joining his old cast! One can only pray!
Dark/Glitter Nail Polish - Oh yes, am a fan. I mean, I wear glitter polish all year round BUT the dark shades are so nice right now! Just makes me feel all warm and cozy!
Drugstore Finds - I have fallen in love with so many things from the drugstore, and out of love with higher end stuff. I can't wait to film this video. (coming soon to a computer screen/phone near you)

Bigger Beauty Gurus - Bleh. I am just so annoyed with most of the bigger gurus, and I really don't know why... well ya, I do.. lots of reasons. 
 Louis Vuitton - Never thought I'd say that but daaaaaaamn. 2 years ago you could get a Neverfull GM for $700 and now it's $900, that's insane. Plus I really don't like my speedy, hence the reason why I sold it the other day.
Tiredness - Ugh, I've been so tired lately because I've been so busy and NO time to just... chill. 

Well, there she be. I'll put some pics in now of some of my instagram life... to follow me search for shannnybannny

peach out all

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Essie Rae iheartprettypolish said...

Great nail shots! I loved this post:)

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