Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tag: This or That?

I really love this tag! It is such a good idea!!! I made a video on this a long time ago and forgot to upload it, so I thought it would be fun to do for a blog post! Here we go!
[blush or bronzer] I am going to say bronzer because you can always use your lipstick to pull some color from to give yourself a flushed cheek color

[lip gloss or lipstick] Definitely lipstick. Some lipsticks have such a nice sheen to them that you do not even need gloss.

[eye liner or mascara] Mascara HANDS DOWN. I cannot leave the house without mascara. I can go without ANY makeup at all, but I always need mascara!

[foundation or concealer] Concealer. For sure. I don’t always wear foundation, in fact, it is rare. Concealer helps cover little flaws, and even out your skin tone, without masking your face.

[neutral or color eye shadow] If you would have asked me this, let’s say 2 years ago, I definitely would have said color eye shadow. The thing with me is, I really really love both. A lot of people only like neutral eye shadows, but I can’t imagine just having neutral’s, ever. On a day to day basis, yes, I’ll wear more neutrals, but if I am going out I LOVE to wear color.

[pressed or loose eye shadows] I can’t choose just one. The nice thing is with loose eye shadow you can press it into a pressed eye shadow, and there are REALLY great colors out there in loose eye shadow form. But, again, if you want more neutral colors, I’d say pressed. (I’m bad at this choosing one thing)

[brushes or sponges] Brushes. If I needed to use sponges I would, but I prefer brushes.

[OPI or china glaze] I love China Glaze formula but I LOVE the glitter polishes from OPI.

[Long or short] Short. Long nails make me cringe.

[Acrylic or natural] I used to ALWAYS get acrylic nails, for years! But, now, I am a natural nail kinda gal.

[Brights or darks ] I wear brights more often, but I REALLY love dark polishes for fall/winter.

[Flower or no flower] No flower.

[perfume or body splash] Perfume. I love having my own “scent” and having it last all day. Don’t get me wrong, I still love body splash, but perfume is so feminine!

[lotion or body butter] Definitely body butter for me. I have really dry skin on my legs and body butter seems to moisturize much better.

[body wash or soap] Body wash. Soap seems so drying.

[lush or other bath company] To me, Lush is an overpriced bubble bath store. I do like their skincare products, but for bath products… other companies.

[jeans or sweat pants] When I go out, jeans. When I’m home, sweatpants.

[long sleeve of short] Long sleeve for winter, short for all other times.

[dresses or skirts] Skirts. Way more versatile I think.

[stripes or plaid] Plaid. I know it can seem “hick” haha, but if you wear it write, it’s cute.

[flip flops or sandals] Flip flops. They are so comfortable. Especially Havianna’s!

[scarves or hats] Scarves. They are so nice looking and you can wear them in SO many different ways!

[studs or dangly earrings] Dangly earrings. I like to wear my hair up in the summer, and dangly earrings make it look so cute!

[necklaces or bracelets] Bracelets! They add such a nice statement to any outfit!

[heels or flats] Heels. They elongate the legs so much, and are so feminine! They make you feel like a woman!

[cowboy boots or riding boots] Cowboy boots! So cute!

[jacket or hoodie] Mm… both. Depends on the outfit.

[forever 21 or charlotte russe] I don’t have a Charlotte Russe near me, but I do love them when I can get to one. Otherwise, I’d go with F21.

[abercombie or Hollister] Neither. Ew.

[saks 5th or Nordstrom] Even tho I don’t have either one near me, I looooove Saks.

[curly or straight] I would say wavy. That is what my hair naturally is, and is the easiest.

[bun or ponytail] Definitely pony tail.

[bobby pins or butterfly clips] Bobby Pins. Neat and undetectable!

[hair spray or gel] Hair spray. I haven't used gel since the 8th grade... lol

[long or short] Oh definitely on me, long. I do NOT like myself in short hair.

[light or dark] I've been every color, but for me, the best is light. I should try to upload some pictures of me with dark hair.

[side sweep bangs or full bangs] I like both, but for me, I really like side sweep.

[up or down] I would like to wear it down all the time, but I do wear it up quite a bit.

[Rain or shine] I love rain when it's at night and I hear it on the windows, but otherwise I love shine!

[Summer or winter] Mm I like summer for a little bit, I HATE how humid it gets where I am!

[Fall or spring] Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall! Enough said?

[Chocolate or vanilla] Chocolate!

[East coast or west coast] I really love both.

I tag all of you! I hope you enjoyed this!!!


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