Wednesday, June 15, 2011

600 scents.....

I don't know about you but I absolutely love walking in different rooms in my house and smelling different scents in each one. Laundry = Fresh Linnen, Guest Bath = Cotton Breeze, Kitchen = Lilac, Living Room = Lilac (i'm a bit obsessed with Lilac scents :P), etc... you get the picture :)

Candles these days are pretty expensive for the good ones, and for a decent size. My issues have always been with burning out so quickly and not having a strong scent.... so I did some research and looked on youtube and I always got the same site to refer to............

I have heard SO many wonderful things about this homemade company. I have talked to Victoria here and there on twitter and she is SUCH  a sweetheart. I have not ordered yet, but I will be in the next week or so. They have 600.... yessssss 600 scents! That is CRAZY! Here is the statement on their page:

We understand that shopping for scented candles online can be difficult, here at Candles By Victoria we are devoted to candle making and to your online shopping experience. Our number one goal is that you receive outstanding customer service combined with an amazing, well made, highly scented candle! Here at Candles By Victoria we have spent many long hours of testing until we came up with what we believe, and our customers tell us, is the perfect clean burning wax formulation that give our strong scented candles a complete burn and an amazing scent throw, from the first time you light one of our scented candles to the very last drop, one small candle will scent an entire room, we guarantee it!

Our creamy highly scented candles are individually hand poured right here in our store in Van Texas and are drenched with the maximum amount of the finest fragrance oils. We have searched the world over to offer our customers the finest quality fragrances for our highly scented candles that you can find anywhere. With over 600 fragrance choices, we know you will find something you love. Victoria's secret is that each candle is hand poured at the time of order, this ensures fresh, highly fragrant candles each and every time. Highly fragrant candles and attention to detail are what set us apart from other candle companies.

How many times have you purchased scented candles from other candle companies only to be disappointed in the way they burned or the fact that you couldn't smell those candles no matter how close you got to them? How aggravating is it to burn a candle once only to have the wick become buried in wax? How many times have you had wax stuck to the side of the candles jar that didn't melt? How much money have you wasted on inferior candles from other more expense candle companies?

We guarantee our highly scented candles to not only burn clean and STRONG but to burn all the way to the bottom of the jar so you can enjoy your scented candles until the very last drop. Anyone can make a candle that smells good when you put your nose right up too it but only Candles By Victoria candles will scent an entire room from the first time you light that candle until the very last drop!

Here at Candles By Victoria we don't take your decision to purchase candles from us lightly. We understand you have many choices when purchasing candles online. We don't want you to buy candles from us just ONE time, we want you to become a part of our candle family! This means we will go to great lengths to make your candle buying experience a pleasurable one here at Candles By Victoria. It also means that we have dedicated ourselves not only to outstanding customer service but to producing the strongest, longest, best burning candles you will ever try. Candles are what we do best, try our candles for yourself, experience what our customers tell us; "Candles with true scent power"!

Enter our online candle store by clicking the graphic above and enjoy our wide array of highly scented hand poured candles and tarts. Candles By Victoria has over nine years of candle making
experience and online service. We have spent years perfecting our candles and we know what our customers want; candles that burn clean, candles that burn strong and candles that burn a long time and our candles do just that and more. We are confident that Candles By Victoria will become your #1 online candle resource. 

Needless to say, I am still trying to decide what scents I want! I definitely know I want to get Lilac for sure. Not only do they have these great choices, but their prices are REALLY amazing and affordable. And on top of all this greatness [yes, there is more!] they are a business ran by her and her husband. How wonderful and special is that? I LOVE supporting companies like this! 

Thank you SO very much Victoria for being such a sweet and wonderful person and also providing such great products at affordable prices!

Do you have any of their candles? What do you think? Are you in love?! What are your favorites?

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Candles By Victoria said...

Loved it hon, good luck!

Love, Victoria xoxo

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