Monday, March 22, 2010

Ins & Outs #3 - 3/22/2010

Hello everyone. I thought it would be nice to do a new ins & outs... so lets start, shall we?


1. The Sun. Oh my gosh, where I live, the sun has been hiding behind those clouds for weeks! I'm so happy its decided to come out and play!

2. Water. I've been drinking this like CRAZY lately... its just been so replenishing. I love it. Plus, its good for your health, AND your beauty!

3. Naked Liner. I love this stuff! I bought this from MAC and I just adore it, its so great and creamy and looks wonderful on the lips!

4. FOTDs. I just did one of these on my youtube channel ( and I think they are fun and I enjoy watching them, so yay for those!

5. Wet N' Wild. Ok, for real, I LOVE their stuff... well not all of it, only selective things. I love their blushes, and they are so inexpensive!

6. Volleyball. Not only do I LOVE to play this, but its a pretty good work out when you only have 4 people playing. Love it.


1. Chin Breakouts. Ugh, I've had this breakout on my chin for the last few weeks - mostly due to stress. I normally don't break out, but this bugger won't go away. Ugh.

2. Winter. I'm so over you, go away.

3. Dry Skin. I hate hate hate dry skin. It's been dry lately, really bad, and i'm super frustrated with it!

4. MAC Collections. Ok, I love MAC, I really really do... but can't they slow down??? I'm so frustrated! I love these collections, but jeesh, let us enjoy it a little, eh? Ya know what I mean... it's like, lay off the energy drinks and let us makeup lovers just... enjoy it!

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